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The Best Washington Wizards in History

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The Washington Wizards have won one NBA title, which was in 1978. The team was set up in 1961 and have went thru five name changes prior to turning into the Washington Wizards in 1997. Players of notable greatness to have played for this franchise are Gus Johnson, Walt Bellamy, Earl Monroe, Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld. The best player of All time to play for the Washing ton Wizards are Gus Johnson, Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld.

Using Basketball Handicapping To Improve Bracket Betting Odds

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Basketball is gaining tremendous popularity among people of all ages and they tend to show deep interest in playing and watching. With the increase in number of followers, this is receiving massive support and basketball handicapping has also witnessed a massive increase. More people tend to show interest in gambling on this.