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Different Methods Of Termite Control PA

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If you own a property, you should make sure that it is free from termites. The subterranean termites are the most destructive to wood since they eat cellulose. Some of the signs that can indicate that your property is infested include termite droppings, damage and the appearance of swarmers. If you want to protect your property from getting damaged, you should enlist pest control services. If they use the services of professionals who offer termite control PA residents can get rid of termites in an effective manner.

One of the effective methods of controlling termites is installing bait stations that have a slow acting poison. Worker termites visit the bait station and consume the poison. They also take it back to the colonies. When other members of the colonies consume it, multiple generations will die, even though the process will take time.

The other method of controlling termites is the application of borate solution. Pest control professionals apply the borate solution on several parts of a building like the exterior walls, piers and wood studs. This offers an effective protection from termites. When the wood fully absorbs the borate solution and dries up, termites are unable to consume it. The borate solution also prevents termites from getting to the untreated areas.

The other method that can be used to get rid of active termite colonies is whole structure heat treatments. Extreme cold or heat can be effectively used to control localized dry wood termites such as the ones present in furniture. Electronic and microwave treatments can also control localized dry wood termites effectively. Nevertheless, these treatments cannot control future infestations.

Besides using non toxic treatments like cold, electronic and heat treatments, you can also use a few organic methods to treat termites. They include using orange oil, boric acid and bringing in other organisms that kill or eat termites such as fungi. However, biological methods have significant limitations. You should discuss about them with pest extermination experts.

Implementing strategies designed to prevent termite infestations is also essential. Property owners should implement these prevention strategies when constructing the building. An example is treating the areas that are most likely to be infested by termites such as the window casings, doors, walls and wood framing. Pre treating the soil that a property is built on is also essential. The benefit of pre treating the soil before a building is built on it is that the protection will remain effective for many years.

Another method of controlling termites is by eliminating various food sources. Some of the food sources include woodpiles that are located near the house since they can attract pests. You should also eliminate moisture sources around your house. Therefore, you should repair each and every roof or plumbing leak around your home.

Another essential thing to do when it comes to controlling termites is performing an annual inspection of your property. This is particularly important in areas where subterranean termites are common. By hiring professional pest control companies to inspect your house, you can address any infestation problem before it becomes worse.

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