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For The Best Teeth Whitening Houston Should Be Prioritized

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The process by which the natural color of tooth is recovered is called tooth whitening or tooth bleaching. Sometimes the bleaching may be intended to achieve whiter tooth beyond the natural color. The process involves removing calculus and other stains formed on the tooth. Coffee, tobacco, tea, among other substances are the causes of the stains. One can perform the process at home or they can visit a dentist at a dental office to have it done. When in need of professional teeth whitening Houston should be the first place to visit.

The perception of tooth shade is determined by a complex interaction of many factors, which include translucency, lighting conditions, light scattering, human eye and brain, gloss, and opacity. The two parts of the human tooth that determine its color are the enamel and dentin.

The enamel is whiter and semitransparent while the dentin is darker and not as transparent. These two parts are more calcified compared to bones. As such, the color of the tooth is not pure white, but rather, it is bone-colored. Naturally, females tend to have whiter teeth than males. This can be attributed to smaller tooth size, which reveal smaller dentin layers. Similarly, larger teeth such as molars tend to be darker in color.

A deciduous tooth is also generally whiter in comparison to an adult tooth. The same logic applies in that the ration of enamel to dentin varies. The tooth changes in its mineral structure causing it to become darker. Tooth wear may also cause thinning and/or perforation over time.

Tooth bleaching is placed into two categories, in-office and at-home treatments. Dentists usually do in-office treatment after they first examine the mouth thoroughly. While examining the patient, the dentist notes any allergic reactions and sensitivities the patient may have. They also take a health history as well as a dental history. The status of restorations is noted and observation of hard and soft tissues is done too. X-ray and imaging methods may also be used.

When bleaching, the bleaching agent, which could be hydrogen peroxide or carbide peroxide, is applied on teeth. Papilla, gums and other soft tissues are protected using light-cured protective layer. The process of bleaching is only effective on teeth that have turned yellow and not gray. The amount of time taken depends on the level of discoloration. Better results can be achieved using custom bleaching trays where ordinary bleaching proves to be ineffective.

The emergence of better technologies replaced the use of light accelerated bleaching. Light accelerated involves the use of light energy to accelerate the rate at which bleaching occurs. Various kinds of lights can be used for the acceleration. Some of the most common ones are plasma arc, halogen, and LED. These methods may cause sensitivity of teeth. They may also not be effective if only small amounts of bleaching agents are used.

Several methods also exist for use at home, including paint-on films, whitening strips, rinses, and chewing gums. The effectiveness of these methods is not certain according to research findings. Also, these methods do not have any long term potential risks or effectiveness.

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