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History Of Montserrat Flag

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Montserrat, known as the Caribbean\’s own Emerald Isle, shares much in common with Ireland. The Arawak and Carib were Montserrat\’s first residents before Christopher Columbus discovered the island and named it after Catalonia\’s Monastery of Montserrat in 1493.

Between 1871 and 1956 the island was administered as part of the Federal Colony of the Leeward Islands. In 1958 Montserrat joined the Federation of the West Indies, remaining a member until that organization\’s dissolution in 1962. Unlike most other British West Indies possessions, Montserrat, with its weak economy, has not vigorously sought independence.

By the late seventeenth century, British and Anglo-Irish plantation owners in Montserrat had developed a slave economy and African slaves planned their first large-scale uprising there for March 17th, 1768. As the story goes, the slaves knew that Anglo-Irish masters would be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and otherwise distracted with drink and dance. The rebellion failed when someone revealed the plan, but Montserratians today commemorate St. Patrick’s Day as the first attempted slave insurrection on the island. It was a major step in the movement towards emancipation, which was finally achieved in 1834.

One of the most intriguing flags of the world, the flag of Montserrat has on the blue surface two different symbols standing for two countries: Great Britain and Montserrat coat of arms with Irish symbols.

The flag of Montserrat consists of a dark blue base with a British Union Jack in the top left quarter. The country\’s coat of arms is centered on the right-hand half of the Montserrat flag. The coat of arms consists of a woman with a harp, embracing a passion cross.

The Union Jack speaks of Montserrat\’s binds to Britain, as the nation is an Overseas Dependent Territory of Britain. The escutcheon on the Montserrat banner portrays Erin. A considerable lot of the Montserrat Island\’s inhabitants talk with an Irish brogue as countless individuals were sent to Montserrat Island by Oliver Cromwell in the seventeenth century. The Flag Company Inc specialized in flag designs offered a special edition of decals and flags to memorize the history of Montserrat flag for the future.

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