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How To Recognize Important Substance Abuse Presentation Signs

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Staggering numbers of people are utterly addicted to one or more substances that are extremely dangerous to their health. Illegal drugs are freely available everywhere in the world and unscrupulous dealers do not care a whit about the incredible damage that their greed causes. It is not only illegal drugs that pose a problem. Prescription drugs are abused by millions of irresponsible people. Families need to look out for the signs of substance abuse presentation.

The statistics are frightening. Each year, more than two and a half million visits to a medical emergency centre can be directly attributed to drug abuse. In the Unites States more people die of drug overdose than in road accidents. Every single day more than 2000 teenagers younger than fifteen will try drugs for the first time and more than half of them will become dependent.

It would be sad enough if addicts only destroyed their own lives. Unfortunately, they often destroy the lives of those loved ones around them too. Their dependency make them extremely selfish. Their own needs are the only priorities in their lives. They do not care what damage and heart ache they cause to those that love them. They do not respond to efforts to help them.

One of the early warning signs is when someone suddenly lose interest in hobbies and activities that used to be important. At the same time, the individual concerned often exhibit bizarre behaviour, being withdrawn and moody the one moment only to be extremely happy and bright all of a sudden. These mood swings are unpredictable. In many cases the affected person become careless about personal grooming.

Many addicts stop caring about personal hygiene. In the majority of cases they lose weight rapidly and do not eat regularly. They are unable to sleep at night but can easily sleep all day long. When they wake up they are moody and abusive. They cannot remain still and have to move constantly. They often show clear signs of paranoia, believing that someone is out to get them.

Physical signs include bloodshot eyes and constantly running noses. The pupils are dilated. The addict is nauseous and vomit without warning. They sweat throughout the day and they often struggle to breathe. All of these signs indicate an individual that has been addicted for some time and that is on the edge of suffering a severe health setback and even a fatal overdose.

It is not easy to help an addict. They seldom admit that they have a serious problem and that they need help. They often argue that they are on top of the situation and that they can stop any time they want. If their behaviour become disruptive to the point where they threaten the very safety and sanctity of the rest of the family it may be best to obtain an interdict and to force the addict into rehabilitation.

People addicted to harmful substances are endangering their own lives. Sadly, in the process they also destroy the lives of those loved ones around him. The best course of action is to be vigilant and to become suspicious the moment any of the tell tale signs manifest themselves.

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