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Importance Of Morrilton AR Colonoscopy

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Colonoscopy refers to a certain kind of test that is used by doctors to look at the inner lining of the large intestine. This test is done using a thin, flexible tube referred to as colonoscope. The tube usually ranges in length from 125 cm to 183 cm. The colonoscope has a small video camera attached to one end to allow the doctor to take pictures of the colon. Morrilton AR colonoscopy specialists are well trained and experienced, making them worth considering.

The colonoscope functions as a camera to take videos and images of the colon lining. Images taken are usually of the entire colon and parts of the lower intestine. Another closely-related technique is called segmoidoscopy. This one is for capturing images of the rectum and parts of the lower small intestines. The two techniques get used in combination in most cases.

To avoid discomfort, the colonoscope is inserted into the colon slowly. The colon is kept open by pumping little air into it. An open colon produces better images and is easier to work with. The colonoscope is connected to a TV screen where the pictures taken are displayed for analysis to be done.

Depending on certain factors, the examination lasts about thirty minutes. Some medication or sedative may need to be administered so that the patient sleeps throughout the process. One should come with a friend or family member to the hospital to help return them home after the procedure has been undertaken. The frequency with which the process needs to be done is often determined by the doctor. Usually, an interval of ten years is good, unless there are certain factors that predispose one to colon cancer.

This procedure is done to make diagnosis of several kinds of medical conditions. For starters, it is used to find the presence of tumors, ulcers, colon polyps, and areas of inflammation or bleeding in the colon. The process may involve taking a biopsy of the large intestine and removal of abnormal growths. It can be used to check for precancerous growths and colon or rectal cancer.

The test is also used for checking causes of iron deficiency anemia, unexplained weight loss, rectal bleeding, dark or black stool, and diarrhea. Barium anema, stool test, virtual colonoscopy, MRI, and CT scan among other diagnostic tests produce abnormal results, which may need to be verified using this process. Inflammatory bowel disease is sometimes treated and watched using this technique.

The colon needs to be cleaned out first before the test is performed. This process is called colon prep. There are different types of colon prep and different doctors prescribe different methods. However, the process takes 2-3 days. Some preps can be undertaken in the evening prior to testing.

The preparation process is sometimes more uncomfortable to some individuals than the technique itself. Bowel prep causes a lot of discomfort, making it worse. Prep is characterized by hunger because people have to eat a clear liquid diet. People on prep use the bathroom frequently, which makes it important to stay close to one as much as possible.

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