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Important Information On Liposuction Newport Beach Clients Should Know

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Excessive fat deposition in various parts of the body is often the result of unhealthy lifestyles. One of the areas that is commonly affected is the anterior abdominal wall. Losing this fat is, in most cases, a very difficult task. While lifestyle changes may help reverse the condition, surgical intervention becomes necessary at times. There are a number of important aspects of liposuction Newport Beach residents need to know beforehand.

Fat removal is done in several other areas apart from the anterior abdominal wall. These include, for instance, the hips, the thighs the face and the neck. The fat removed during liposuction is either disposed of or deposited in another area to create a better body shape. This is the reason as to why this procedure is alternatively known as liposculpture. During the operation, more than area of the body can be operated on.

Virtually anyone can be a candidate for this procedure. There are, however, a number of requirements that have to be met first. One of these requirements is that the patient should have attempted reducing the amount of the unwanted fat using conservative methods such as taking part in regular physical exercise and having a well-balanced diet. In addition, the ideal candidate is required to have a body mass index of not less than 40.

If you meet the required criteria, you will be scheduled for the procedure but a preoperative workup has to be conducted first. A physical examination and a few tests are usually sufficient to determine your readiness of undergoing the procedure. There are a number of drugs and foods that need to be withheld until the procedure is completed. They include blood thinners such as heparin and warfarin.

The choice of anesthesia to be used is mainly determined by the number of areas to be operated. A single, small area can be easily operated on using local anesthesia. Larger areas usually require the administration of regional or general anesthesia. Once the anesthetic drug has taken effect, the next step is to create a small surgical incision. This makes the fat layer accessible. The fat is liquefied and suctioned from the site.

The amount of fat removed in a single operation should not exceed 3 liters. In the event that more fat needs to be gotten rid of, other surgeries have to be arranged until the desired amount has been achieved. After fat removal, the incision is closed through stitching. To minimize inflammation afterwards, a tight bandage is used for dressing.

A patient who has been operated under local or regional anesthesia can be safely released from the hospital on the same day. For those in whom general anesthesia has been used, 24 hours of observation is often needed before one is released home. Possible complications include bleeding, pain, injury to important structures and post-operative infections among others. In very rare circumstances, fat may enter the blood stream and travel to end and cause dysfunction.

Liposuction yields satisfactory results in a majority of the persons that undergo the procedure. However, one must remember that there is inter-individual variability due to a number of factors. These include, among others, the severity of the problem and the techniques employed. Healthy lifestyle practices such as regular physical exercises increase the chances of getting good results.

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