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Long Island SEO & The Most Noteworthy Apps Of 2016

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As we start to see 2016 come to an end, it\’s important for us to look back on some of the biggest influencers in technology. This is especially true when it comes to apps, as I\’m sure any Long Island SEO specialist will agree. Some of them have made our lives easier, while others have been able to make them just a bit more fun. Here have been some of the most popular apps of the year, as well as reasons why they\’ve made their marks.

Face Swap Live – It\’s hard to believe that an app that\’s so silly has been able to attract so much attention. Face Swap Live, for those who do not know, allows you to switch faces with someone else, on your phone, for comedic results. Different filters and effects made this app stand out even more. While this app might be viewed as more of a novelty these days, it\’s hard to deny the attention it drew, not only from Long Island SEO companies but society at large.

Miitomo – While this was Nintendo\’s first mobile app, it became surprisingly popular after its release. As a matter of fact, many people were drawn to the aesthetics of the Miis, which were first unveiled back in the days of the Wii. Nonetheless, Miitomo functioned like a unique social media channels, allowing people to conduct posts based on questions and add friends along the way. The customization of the Miis themselves were well-received, too. Nintendo would not be done this year, though, as the likes of have observed.

Giphy – Almost everyone loves GIFs, whether they want to openly admit so or not. When it comes to finding the perfect GIF for a certain post or reaction, Giphy fits the bill. This app will allow you to search through a variety of animated images, ranging from sports moments to cats performing silly tricks. Whatever it is you\’re looking for, it\’s safe to assume that you\’ll come across it by using Giphy.

Pokemon Go – When discussing the most popular apps of the year, room should be left at the top for Pokemon Go. No matter if you\’re a fan of the long-running video game series or not, this app has been able to attract a number of players. Both children and adults have found themselves leaving their homes in order to \”catch \’em all.\” A sound argument can be made that Pokemon Go is the most popular app of 2016 and few would disagree.

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