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Moldova Flag And Its History

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Moldova is a landlocked republic of hilly plains lying east of the Carpathian Mountains between the Prut and Dniester rivers. The country is sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine.

However, what is today the Republic of Moldova consists only of the central and eastern parts of the original principality. The Transdniestrian region was never part of the principality, but Moldovan colonists settled on the left bank of the Dniestr in the fifteenth century. At the beginning of the fifteenth century, the principality extended from the Carpathians to the Dniestr.

From 1988 onwards, Moldova, along with several other Soviet Republics began to move toward independence. On August 27, 1987, a mass demonstration called the Great National Assembly was organized. It pressured the Soviet Republic authorities to adopt a language law that would proclaim Moldovan written in Latin as the state language. This provided a clear demarcation between the budding nationalism of the Moldovans and any lingering loyalties to the Soviet Union. The first general elections to establish an independent parliament were held and that parliament subsequently adopted the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Soviet Socialist Republic Moldova. Finally, on August 27, 1991, Moldova declared its independence.

The National flag of Moldova was adopted on 27 of April 1990. Moldova flag is a tricolor having blue, yellow and red colors from the hoisting side towards the flying side of the flag, arranged vertically.

By 1989, agitation against communist rule was strong in Moldova, and the blue-yellow-red Romanian tricolor became a popular symbol. It officially replaced the communist flag in May 1990. The new coat of arms of Moldova, based on traditional designs, was added on November 3 of that year: On the breast of an eagle is a shield with an aurochs’s head surrounded by a crescent, star, and flower.

The Moldavian flag was based on the Romanian national flag and represents Moldova\’s shared heritage with Romania. The coat of arms consists of the eagle of Walachia holding an Orthodox Christian cross in its beak and an olive branch in one talon, with the scepter of Michael the Brave of Walachia in the other. Walachia is a historic region of Eastern Europe. The Flag Company Inc specialized in flag designs offered a special edition of decals and flags to memorize the history of Moldova flag for the future.

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