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New Jersey State Flag History And The Flag Company Inc

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New Jersey state flag was adopted on March 26, 1896, and in 1938 a law clarified that the right to display the flag was not limited to the governor alone. It is the only flag of the 50 state flags to have a background of buff, although frequently this is incorrectly shown as yellow.

Symbols on the state seal: the three plows on the shield honor the state\’s agricultural tradition. The helmet above the shield faces forward, an attitude denoting sovereignty and thus particularly fitting for one of the first governments created under the notion that the state itself is the sovereign.

The choice of buff for the facings of New Jersey and New York may have been meant to recall the former Dutch colony of New Netherlands, although this symbolic association is unproven. It is based on a presumption that the orange of the earliest Dutch flags was modified by Washington to buff as a more appropriate color for use in uniforms.

The coat of arms appears in the center of the New Jersey flag and is also found in the state seal. It may have been designed by Francis Hopkinson, who was a member of the Continental Congress, or by the artist Pierre Eugène du Simitière before being adopted by the state legislature on October 3, 1776.

Thus the fertility of the state is depicted through these symbolic figures. Below them is a ribbon, gloriously displaying the state motto \”Liberty and Prosperity\” and the year 1776, when the state gained independence. Above the figures, is a knight\’s helmet, a horse\’s head, with blue filigree decorating it. The New Jersey Flag makes interesting use of goddesses to denote the prosperity of the state.

There is a barrage of cheap and inferior New Jersey flags being imported and sold, that do not comply with the flag statute. This is bad for a number of reasons. Imported flags are cheaply made and inferior to American-made New Jersey flags, but more importantly, the designs, materials, colors, and methods of printing do not compare well with the better quality, longer-lasting, and correctly designed flags made by American manufacturers. The Flag Company Inc specialized in flag designs offered a special edition of decals and flags to memorize the history of New Jersey flag for the future.

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