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Non Profit Recruitment Agencies And Strategies

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During a job search, it can often be hard to know where to look for different types of jobs. When it comes to looking for a position as a paid employee or volunteer for a non profit organization, non profit recruitment agencies can often be helpful. Some of these agencies include Non-Profit Staffing, Non-Profit Employment and Action Without Borders.

As the application and hiring process tends to reside with those working in human resources, these individuals often have the most knowledge about available positions. When it comes to entrepreneurs and small business owners, ads are often placed on bulletin boards such as craigslist dot com and in the classified sections of local newspapers. One reason being, that these listings are often read more quickly than those sent through online channels. As such, the position can often be filled much faster than if having to browse through hundreds of online applications and resumes.

While some companies prefer to hire directly or through a career fair, there are others who list open positions with personnel agencies, temporary agencies and consulting firms. Depending on the level of employment desired, skills and experience, individuals can make application to one or all three of these type agencies. Although, unless one has experience as a supervisor or manager, or is a professional, using a personnel or temporary agency might be more beneficial.

Most agencies are going to require applicants to pass a skills test. The test can often include grammar, reading, spelling, writing and arithmetic. In addition, if applying for a clerical or secretarial position, there will most likely be a test related to software programs along with a typing test.

If going through a temporary agency, there will most likely be a skills test required. These tests are often based on past employment history and information provided on a resume. Whereas, when applying with a consulting or contract firm, these representatives often confirm information before requesting a personal interview. After which, if the company is interested in the individual based on feedback from the initial interview, there are often multiple interviews at the company before an offer is granted.

Whether applying directly to a company, consulting, contract or temporary agency, it is often managers, an employee of the human resources department or recruitment specialist with whom the applicant will first have interaction. As such, the most important meeting of the application process is often this first meeting. For, whether interviewing with a manager or specialist, first impressions often last longer when having made an impact on the memory of those providing the interview.

Remember, when preparing a cover letter and resume to send to a recruitment specialist, grammar, spelling, tone and format are all important aspects. When storing cover letters and resumes on job boards, be sure to replace the cover letter based on the job of interest. When asked for references, be sure to provide both character and professional contacts, or as requested in the application or interview process.

All job seekers need be cautious of anyone claiming to have obtained a resume from an employment website. There are a number of money laundering, work-at-home and other scams which are currently taking place around the world. As such, it is often best to confirm open positions by contacting the human resources department by phone or email. Lastly, it is always good to check that any communication whether email, phone or website are actually associated with the organization.

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