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Regulations For Basketball Across The Country

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Basketball is quite an interesting game to play. It is regarded as the first and only major sport that originated in the US. It was conceived by a man called Dr. James Naismith in December 1891. In January 1892, he published the first rules that governed basketball across the country. The game is played by a total of 18 players (nine players on each half of the court) who must obey certain rules to win the maximum points for their sides. It is good to study the rules of the sport.

Basketball has a different scoring technique from many other sports. The fact that a player shoots the ball five times while another player on the other team gives in four shots doesn\’t make the team with five shots the winner. Shots have different points depending on where they are made. If the five shots from the team were all made inside the three point line, the total points they get is just 10 while the other player who shot from outside the point has a total of 12, making his team the actual winner. A free throw is only worth one point.

The winner is decided after the game by calculating all the points. According to the way the points are scored, it is difficult for one to decide the fate of any team until after the final whistle. This is because points can be accumulated within minutes if the other team tries to be defensive around the net. The more a team scores from outside the three point line, the greater their chances of carrying the day.

Another rule in basketball is that the player must not kick the ball. The game is strictly played with the hands and a kick of the ball attracts a foul. There are even instances when both hands must be used and when only one hand must be used.

No player is expected to run into his opponent\’s court with the ball. This is another difference between basketball and football where any footballer is free to run into the penalty box to score even when there is no defense. A player can only gain access into the opposition\’s half by bouncing the ball or dribbling other players.

There are instances when a team may lose control of the ball to the opposing side. Such an instance occurs when a player carries the ball. The ball is carried when it is touched from beneath instead of on the top during a dribble. A referee who spots it denies the erring player the right to continue with the ball and transfers the right to the other team.

It is not allowed for a play that has crossed the half line to pass the ball back into his side except if there was a deflection caused by an opponent. It is however expected of him to pass the ball, bounce it forward or dribble a challenger. A team with the ball should target the other side\’s net as quickly as possible.

The place where this game is played is known as the court. Players are always time conscious about staying in their own court or in an opponent\’s court without making an attempt to score. FIBA is the highest authority in the sport.

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