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San Carlos Chiropractor Helps Many Types Of Pain

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The health of a person can be greatly impacted by many things in their life. Stress, disease, accident, trauma, and daily activities can physically affect an individual, even resulting in the onset of painful issues. One can regain their mobility, and reduce their discomfort through the innovative services that are offered by a San Carlos chiropractor.

The field of chiropractic medicine addresses situations differently than traditional practices would. They do not utilize any type of pharmaceutical medications to manage a patient\’s pain, nor do they perform surgeries in order to correct their issues. Each case is individually addressed with techniques which are designed to restore natural movement and alignment in order to reduce discomfort.

The focus is primarily on treating those situations that are stemming from some sort of dysfunction within the neural, muscular, or skeletal systems, and their interaction with each other. When one or more of these factors are not functioning within their specified parameters, they can have a profound effect on other aspects of the human body. Chiropractic care can address many different conditions using various methods and techniques.

This area of health care uses skeletal adjustment as their primary approach. There are many ways to perform this procedure, though the general idea is for the doctor to apply manual force in order to physically manipulate the placement of bones to correct joint alignment. Doing so removes any pressure that was being placed on muscle tissue and nerves, and also restores free mobility.

Back pain issues are the primary reason many people choose this type of treatment. These aches may be caused by incidences such as accidents, traumatic events, repetitive movements, and even health conditions like degenerative bone disease, sciatica, and arthritis. Some circumstances are recurring and the application of regular appointments may be required to keep the individual mobile and feeling comfortable, while many other situations can receive permanent relief through chiropractic techniques.

Many women who are experiencing discomfort during pregnancy can also benefit from the techniques of chiropractic care. During this time, the added pressure on bones and muscles can cause certain joints to become dislocated, creating additional pain. The practice has several methods that are gentle, and specifically designed for the needs of expectant mothers.

For issues relating more to the neural and muscular systems than to the bones, additional techniques may be used. These include deep tissue massage therapy, and various methods of acupuncture. Both of these have shown great success when dealing with the reduction in strength and flexibility caused by muscles that have been restricted for some time, as well as conditions like anxiety, stress, and tension.

Chiropractic doctors are not only well versed in the ways of tending the skeletal frame, muscular system, and neural network, they are also fluent in nutritional and physical requirements. They can design an issue specific exercise routine for a patient\’s individual situation, or lay out a specialized dietary plan for the needs of a particular person. So many different conditions can be handled without having to resort to surgical procedures or the use of medications.

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