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Stamped Wire As One Product In Using Hot Stamp Machines

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Hot stamping is a very common method for lithography and as well as dry printing where in a foil or pre dried ink material is used, placed in a very hot surface. One good advantage of this method is it is not non polluting and this is used since in nineteenth century. Other types of materials used are plastics and as well as papers.

In the nineteenth century, it became very popular for the making embossed book cover printing. This method may be also used for wire and cable printing such as a stamped wire. Foils and dies are the common tools in this method. The die may either be made from silicone rubber or metal and it may be cast or shaped directly. Dies can also carry high level details that are to be transferred and are shaped according to the surface of the material.

Foils have multi layered coatings transferred on the surface of materials. Non metallic foils have adherence bases, color layers, and also release layers. And the metallic foils will be replacing the color layers with vacuum or chrome metallic aluminum. Foils that are metallic are often available in many different shades like gold, silver, bronze, or copper.

In processing the products, hot stamping machines are the mainly used equipment. The first process of production is mounting and heating the die. The product is then placed under the heated and mounted die. Between the product and die is a painted or metallic roll leaf carrier inserted in between. Pressing down the die through its carrier and will imprint immediately the dry foil or paint to the material surface.

Machines that are used for stamped wires are very ideal because it provides clear and bright marking on the wire. The wires to be printed may be made from nylon, cross linked polyethylene, or Teflon. A hot stamp printing can be very durable and it is more similar to hot foil printing. And because stamp designs are getting more and more flexible, there are modern printers which are developed for allowing a very quick change in continuous hot stamps, print characters, etc.

The 4 four main advantages for choosing this method rather than other printing methods are the following. First, high quality machines. It produces clear and durable markings on wire products. And most modern printers now have lasers, engraved with a concave face for making sure that there are complete letters, even in smallest diameter wires are printed.

Second is there will be high productivity in the company. Because of the high technologies, companies now can make more and more productions compared to using old printers that takes time even during the installation. When companies have higher productivity, they will have lower costs, and if they have lower costs, they will have higher profits. And another important thing is they can deliver products to the customers on time.

Third is flexibility. It is flexible because most tools can be changed just in a few seconds. Adding some graphics, logos, and some other new characters can be done easily. This flexibility can also differentiate you from other competitors.

Fourth, turn key solution. Surely, most of the modern printers developed will be providing great solutions to problems. For the reason that it already contains all the needed production tools such as the parts, components, and the soft wares.

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