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Step-By-Step On How Do I Clean My Wetsuit

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Keeping your clothes clean at all times is a good thing but not all types of clothes which are cleaned the same since they are all used in different purposes. Therefore you should be careful on cleaning any type of cloth since there are some which need great care than others depending on the purpose they are made to serve. Therefore you can be asking how do I clean my wetsuit after a cool swimming period.

Removing the jacket is very hard and worth great care. This is because the zip in which is locate d at the chest is likely to be torn when removing the cloth. Therefore you should do this while sited in order to make sure that the cloth is not that tight to get torn during the process. You should also pour some water on yourself to remove the salty particles ion the cloth before removing.

On the other hand, you will have to clean it thoroughly. This process takes a lot of time but it is worth the life span of your suit since this will help in maintaining the quality. You should do this on the outer part and then flip it inside out and do the same for moisture created when diving. Therefore this is very important not to forget.

After the washing, you should hang it to dry under shade in order for it not to react with the sunlight. Therefore you should place it under the sun and make sure there is no direct sunlight as the shade moves. In case you will not be around for some hours, it is better not to risk but hang it in the garage so there will be no direct sun light.

After it is well cleaned and you are satisfied there is no particles left, you need to hang it under a shade and not from direct sunlight. This is to protect it from getting dull hence losing the quality and attractiveness. Therefore make sure to hang it under a shade most probably inside your garage where you know there is nothing to disturb or tamper with it.

On the other hand, you are not supposed to dry the suit under direct sun right therefore you bleed to hang it under a tree where there is shade or dry it in your garage. This is to make sure it does not fade the color and it also retains the quality. After hanging, Make sure you flip it every day to ensure all the parts are dry and there is no moist left on the suit before folding it.

Zipper is very important and must be kept safe and cleaned with great care than any other part of the jacket. This is because it carries most of salt particles on the clothes and if it gets damages, it is hard for repair hence will cost a lot to purchase another suit. There are times you will have to pee on the suit when diving to long distances not easy to get to the shore on the right time for this.

Mirazyme is another chemical in which you should use in retaining the odor inside the cloth. This should be used before you dive and should also be applied during the cleaning to restore the fresh smell of the costume. If all these rules are followed, the suit will retain the quality and it will last for a long time before you can replace it.

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