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The Flag Company Inc And Montenegro Flag

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For a small and little-known country, Montenegro has a long, convoluted and eventful history. Its rugged terrain and shoreline have witnessed movements of peoples, momentous events and idiosyncratic characters aplenty.

Montenegrin independence was recognized in 1878, and that year Montenegro adopted the horizontal red-blue-white tricolor of Serbia (with which it had loose links) for its own state flag. Its pan-Slavic colors were inspired by the Russian flag. When Montenegro acquired a navy, symbols of Prince (later King) Nicholas appeared on the design.

Red cloth with a gold border around the edges of closely follows the military flag of the Army of Montenegro, which existed until 1918 and served as the official state symbol of the Republic during the years of Nazi occupation.

Yugoslavia was reestablished as a federation after the war, and its constituent republics were allowed to adopt flags. Montenegro used its tricolor, with a yellow-outlined red star in the center, from December 1946 until 1993. The republic remained (with Serbia) in the Yugoslav federation after the other republics had seceded from it in the early 1990s; the country was known as Serbia and Montenegro in 2003–06.

The coat of arms is the official symbol which adopted the Montenegro Assembly in 2004. Golden two-headed eagle on the coat of arms emblem repeats kolevskoy family Petrovic dynasty and symbolizes the relationship between church and state in the country. On the breast of the eagle is the heraldic shield with a golden lion on a blue field. Crowned coat of arms crown royal dynasty. This fact has caused some controversy in the community, as a modern Montenegro is a republic.

In 2006 a mainstream submission in Montenegro supported its severance from the alliance, and freedom was broadcasted on June 3; the banner of 2004 turned into Montenegro\’s national banner on that day. The Flag Company Inc specialized in flag designs offered a special edition of decals and flags to memorize the history of Montenegro Flag for the future.

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