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The Gigi Love National Parks Music Project

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When it comes to musicians, there are those that only play for fun, and others who are extremely dedicated to the genre. One of these individuals is Gigi Love, a woman who is currently working on a project at National parks around the United States. As part of the project, Ms. Love will be visiting a number of parks in Western states, then writing songs about the community, beauty and nature during each stay.

The plans to host a performance while in a park shows the singer\’s commitment passion for music and nature. Yosemite Gold, is a song which reflects both of these traits. For, it the song was written and performed while visiting Yosemite National Park long before the project began.

After purchasing a mandolin from a rock climber, Gigi wondered into a meadow and wrote a song. It is during this time Gigi started the National Parks Songs project. One which, has now been in existence for the last ten years. Since that time, Ms. Love has been working to expand the initial sampler into a full length album.

The new album clearly reflects that doing so was a good idea. For, now in the studio, Ms. Love is working on the full-length recording, one which will reflect the history, iconic scenery and natural aspects of park settings. Due out in December 2016, Gigi is anxious to get the word out about this new and exiting project and release.

With a love for nature and learning, Gigi adores traveling and visiting popular and primitive areas. In fact, a great deal of inspiration comes from a number of natural settings in and outside the parks. For, the singer also acquires fans, makes friends and often becomes a part the local community performing in different areas.

While a three song EP has been recorded and released, it is only a small taste of what is yet to come. Once the full length compact disc is out in December 2016, there is no doubt the world will know more about Ms. Love as well as the different parks. For, while each are part of the National park system, each location has an individual icon beauty, and story to tell.

The singer-songwriter has also opened for the David Matthews group, and performed at the closing ceremony at the 2002 Winter Olympics. Prior to, and since these earlier performances, the singer-songwriter continues to play a number of different venues in Salt Lake City, Utah and around the country. In doing so, the artist has shown an in-depth love for singing and songwriting, while often drawing large crowds at shows.

For, if citizens and tourists do not visit these areas, chances are many may be lost to commercial operations. For, there are companies already attempting to mine in Grand Canyon and other national parks. At the same time, there are many environmental and social justice groups which are working to stop this attack on the National Park system. Otherwise, not only will Gigi lose performance space, families will lose some of the best vacation spots in the world.

Check out the official website of the talented musician Gigi Love right now! To watch her featured video online, go here

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