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Things To Know Before Planning A Canoe Harpeth River Trip

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A way to enjoy the great outdoors can also be done other than just hiking, camping or biking. In fact a road that is considered less traveled, although popular with early Native Americans and colonial explorers, is to go on a wilderness trek using canoes and kayaks. If you have a mind to try this out, why not have a go at planning a canoe Harpeth River Trip.

Prepare a checklist not only of things that you need to bring, but of the things that you need to do, mentally, physically, emotional or otherwise. Having a checklist of things that you need to do and plan on will help you to save time and also keep you on track. A good checklist is like having a good assistant to remind you of things.

A good item to include in this list of your is to choose where your destination is for your canoe trip. Of course as far as everything goes you have already chosen Harpeth River in Tennessee. This waterway is actually one of the main tributaries to the Cumberland River. Together with the Cumberland and the Ohio, it forms the Mississippi River watershed. Thus now that you have chosen a watercourse, the next task is to know more about it.

The next thing you want to know about this watercourse is where the whitewater areas are and are not. Most whitewater areas are located in the tributaries of the Harpeth, particularly so in one called the Little Harpeth. Unless you are a seasoned canoe or kayak enthusiast, it is suggested you stay away from the whitewater parts until you become more experienced.

The main section itself is calm and should give you smooth paddling, but it does meander a lot. Meanders are basically the turns that the waterway makes as it gets older and more sediment deposits accumulate. It will pay to ask the local guide to indicate areas of strong currents and directions along the meanders so you can be better prepared.

Finding a good and experienced guide is next on your agenda. Remember to find a guide that not only has these qualities but one that has a good safety track record as well. Ask your prospective guide their experience and how to handle situations and so on and so forth. There is no limit to the questions that you can ask when your safety and enjoyment are on the line.

Gearing up and preparing for your trip can be fun and also a bit expensive if you are a first timer. It is best to ask people on forums or people more experienced in the area than you. The best part is you can do most of your supply gathering by internet and you can get some good bargains too.

Do have a small caucus with your group prior to the trip to gauge what you really want to do and see to make the trip practical. Also agree on an acceptable time limit, as short as possible, as regards your canoeing adventure duration. This is because a canoe trip no matter how short, is very exhausting.

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