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Wondering If Nickel Causes Hair Loss? Here Is The Answer

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People have varying sensitive to different materials. For example, some people cannot wear jewelry made from a certain material as it causes negative effects on their body example itchy rashes either immediately or after some period of continuously wearing the ornament. However, debates have been held on whether it is true that nickel causes hair loss the article will verify the issue.

The truth about this has been debated for a long time. Before going into the details of this statement, it is paramount for one to note that allergies caused by metals need to be well understood. The reasons that metal allergies are common are that they are used in making many different elements like the eyewear, mobile phones, coins and also jewelry.

One of the common symptoms that are associated with these allergies is itchy skin, hives, and dryness. However, in worst cases, it could cause blisters or a crusty scale of the skin. In case you have had any of the mentioned symptoms after coming across a substance that has a nickel, the first thing to do is get read of the items that you are in contact with or seek a medical recommendation from you physician.

If you seek help from a physician, you need know that the diagnosis can be diagnosed by using a few questions and through visual inspection. Other times, you might have to take an allergy test so that you can be certain that the metal is what caused the problem, but this is just a formality. Some people just remove the jewelry and wait to see whether the rush will dissipate.

When many people realize that the allergy was caused by the metal, they tend to worry about what will happen. There is nothing which can be caused by this allergy because the metal was not injected into your body. The minute that you take off the jewelry, this problem will cool down. If you notice that the problem is persistent, a visit to the doctor will give the answers because the doctor will run tests on you to diagnose the cause of the problem.

This should thus make you realize that coming into contact with any Ni material does not mean that if you get a skin reaction to the metal, your hormones and hair will also be affected. This thus proves that Ni does not cause mane loss thus if it happens, it is just a coincidence. Research has also clarified the issue and confirmed that it does not cause mane loss.

Baldness in humans is predominantly determined by genetics thus if your father or grandfather had a bald head, you are likely to have it too. Although studies on the relationship between Ni materials and hair loss is still ongoing, there has been no clear evidence to relate the two thus so far; nickel does not cause your mane to fall off.

Thus, you need not worry regarding losing your hair in case you notice that you develop allergies when exposed to nickel. You should know that if you start showing signs of baldness, it is because of your genes and nothing more.

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